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Published: 05th March 2006
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Many people shy away from making money online because they are not familiar with constructing websites. If you are one of these people - if the term, HTML, makes you wince -please, read on…

There was a time a few years ago when having a web presence (a working website) was necessary if you wanted to make money online. However, these days it is not as necessary.

Basically there are two distinct ways to overcome this potential barrier (short of teaching yourself the intricacies of website design and website development using straight HTML ). Those ways are:

1. Market other peoples products and websites using Google Adwords or similar campaigns. For this you don't need a website.

Note: Although it sounds appealing it is becoming increasingly difficult (and costlier) as more people compete for top keywords. It also takes an investment and some trial and error. Don't get me wrong. You can make money using Adwords, but... having your own website will give you a distinct edge when it comes to making money online. It will even give you an edge over other Adword competitors.

2. Research, find, and start using tools and programs that will allow you to slap up a website in no time flat.

OK, we are going to concentrate on option #2. And don't worry about the research part - I've done that for you. Once you have the data, you've just got to go do it - that's the easy part.

How to make money online once you have a website or websites is a study in itself, but for now we are going to learn how you can build your own website simply, easily, and maybe most importantly, super-cheaply, or even FREE!

Now you need to do some simple actions.

1. Choose a name for your website

That's easy isn't it? Well, maybe not as easy as it sounds. You are best to choose a name that is associated with your website and at the same time use as few words as possible. That way it's easier for people to remember, and it may help your site get a higher ranking in the search engines.

Best place I've found to help in this area is There service is FREE and they have a webpage that offers up great alternative names if the one you wanted is already taken.

2. Register your domain name.

You can find domain registration sites where you can sign up for a domain for a year for under $10. A couple of good ones I have used are and At they charge a minimal hosting fee per year, and at (as of the time of this writing) there is a totally Free Hosting package! Serious. It's enough to get you going and there are no strings attached as far as I can tell.

3. Build your website

The good news is that if you know how to do it you can build a website for free.

Let's face it, if you know HTML (the language browsers [like Internet Explorer] use to read and display websites), you could build an entire site using a simple text editor, like Windows Notepad.

Basically you pay for convenience and functionality. The more expensive website building software, like Macromedia's Dreamweaver or Microsoft's Frontpage, offer super functionality, and convenience - if you know what you are doing. But, they cater to professionals, allowing them to do their work much faster, and even though they are top of the line programs, they can be extremely difficult to master.

For you and me, the choices are fortunately less expensive and offer convenience along with basic functionality. But guess what - that all we need!


I would suggest that initially you build a 1-5 page website only. Don't try to build something that will take you weeks, months or years. If you're going to succeed at making money online you need to do things that don't take long and that you can learn from. Once you know how you can build a small website from scratch in a few hours.

Did you know that you can build web pages in Microsoft Word? You can.

Most computers come with this program. If yours does, check it out and start building your web pages free of charge!

If you'd rather use a very beginner friendly program, that makes building web pages and sites very easy, I would suggest WebWeaverEZ. You can pick it up at for under $15. It's a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web page editor. Meaning you can build a website with no HTML knowledge. You can even try it free for 30 days - in that time you could have built 3 -5 web sites!

If you don't mind spending a bit more, XSitePro is a program that will help you build search-engine optimized web pages and help you get your sites listed much higher in the search engines.

In the next issue, we'll find out how to upload your website to the server free of charge!

Graham Hobbs is a writer a successful online marketer. You can drop in on his favorite hangout:

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